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All the design, code, plugins, APIs, and theme used on this website, except for the WordPress framework, are the exclusive property of Isrg KB and its affiliates. Any reproduction, distribution, modification, or use of this intellectual property without the prior written consent of Isrg KB is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action. All rights are reserved by Isrg KB and its affiliates.

Isrg KB has skillfully integrated third-party tools and APIs into the website to augment its functionality and security measures. To ensure the website’s robustness and continuity, it is backed up on a weekly basis, and an OS snapshot is captured monthly to allow for swift restoration in the event of any vulnerabilities. Moreover, all connections are made through HTTPS using SSL to guarantee a secure browsing experience for the website’s users.

In anticipation of high traffic, Isrg KB has optimized the website’s server infrastructure, leveraging a highly-optimized server and CDN by Cloudflare, which boasts over 365 data centers worldwide. In the unlikely event of a DDOS attack, Isrg KB has implemented the latest safety protocols and guidelines to ensure the website’s safe and uninterrupted operation.


Isrg Rajan

This website was developed and designed by Isrg Rajan on behalf of Isrg KB for Bhai Parmanand DSEU Shakarpur Campus-II. The site is well-protected with Google Shield and Cloudflare Firewall, as well as regular security audits conducted by an automated AI developed by the Isrg KB team. In addition, a monthly manual security audit is carried out by Isrg Rajan or a representative of Isrg KB to identify any potential security vulnerabilities or malware.

Bhai Parmanand DSEU Shakarpur Campus-II Web Management Team

Mr. Shrikant Patel

Mr. Shrikant Patel

Mr. Shrikant Patel holds the position of Assistant Professor at Bhai Parmanand DSEU Shakarpur Campus-II. Additionally, he serves as the Director of Bhai Parmanand DSEU Shakarpur Campus Web Development, overseeing the website development activities at the institution.

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