Classrooms serve as a conducive environment for learning. At BPIBS, our classrooms are spacious and can comfortably accommodate a large number of students without feeling cramped. The rooms are also surrounded by spacious verandahs which provide ample space for students to move around and breathe freely. Our faculty is dedicated to making classroom learning dynamic and focused, with a keen focus on the transfer of knowledge.

bpibs campus

In order to assist our faculty in making classroom learning more interesting and conducive to better understanding by students, we have equipped our classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment including overhead LCD projectors and slide projectors.

At BPIBS, we aim to shape our students into professionals by making them aware of the corporate world and its scenarios. Our classroom faculty is obligated to focus on problem-raising and solving methodologies. Additionally, our classrooms are connected to the internet and intranet, and each classroom is equipped with an HP-Pavilion Pentium-4 desktop computer. We always strive to maximize interaction between faculty and students, as this is a top priority at BPIBS.

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