Libraries serve as vast reservoirs of knowledge and are a constant source of value addition for knowledge seekers, providing mental stimulation and helping to update the knowledge of both faculty and students alike. At BPIBS, our library boasts a rich collection of books and journals, predominantly related to computer science and management studies, and their allied subjects, to meet the present and future information needs of our students and faculty members. In addition to stocking prescribed textbooks and reference materials, we provide a range of books on each subject, as well as general materials such as biographies and literature. We also subscribe to several national and international journals, periodicals, and newspapers.

Our well-furnished library has a stack of over 30,000 volumes and subscribes to more than 30 periodicals, covering all aspects of technical education. BPIBS subscribes to leading national and international journals, such as IEEE, Springer, and ASME, through INDEST. We also subscribe to DELNET, which permits access to over 4 million online books and journals across the globe.

In addition to our physical collection, the BPIBS library includes a digital section that contains CDs, DVDs, and other digital media containing an abundance of information regarding trends and developments in the areas of computer applications, management, and technology. Electronic format information is made available to students, faculty, and library members for research and subject exploration purposes.

Our library is fully automated, and all standard services such as acquisition, searching, and lending are computerized. Identification of volumes on a bar-coding basis is complete, and our library possesses its hardware and software resources for that purpose. We have developed an extensive CD database of back volumes and abstracts of leading journals in computer science, management, engineering, and technology. An IBM server machine installed in the library serves as the database-server and software, which is being used to maintain and update the database that contains information regarding the 30,000 volumes. Soon, students will have the facility of searching and retrieving books through standard stand-alone terminals.

Working towards our vision of imparting knowledge on a continuous basis without letting a lack of resources hinder the way of learners and bright minds, the BPIBS library provides free textbooks to students on a need basis, in addition to providing book bank services. Students are provided with books according to their course curriculum for the entire semester.

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