Non-Teaching Staff

A comprehensive list of the Non-Teaching staff members working in an organization. The following table showcases the Designation and Name of each Non-Teaching staff member, including the Librarian, Office Superintendent, Account Officer, Workshop Instructor, Clerical Staff, Security Officer, Store Incharge, Electrician, and Multitasking Staff. The article aims to acknowledge and appreciate the vital roles that Non-Teaching staff members play in keeping an organization functioning efficiently.

LIBRARIANSmt. Aruna Kumari
LIBRARIANSmt. Meenu Sharma (Contractual)
Office SuperintendantMrs. Indira Rani
Account OfficerMrs. Sarita Gupta (AAO)
Work-Shop InstructorSh. Naveen Kumar
Clerical StaffMr. Ramesh Kumar (Head Clerk)
Clerical StaffMr. Kishan Kumar (UDC)
Clerical StaffLDC
Clerical StaffLDC
Clerical StaffLDC
Security OfficerSh. Shrawan Kumar (WSA)
Store InchargeSh. Vipin
ElectricianSh. Narender Singh
Multitasking StaffMrs. Manju
Multitasking StaffSh. Rajender Mahto
Multitasking StaffSmt. Munni Devi
Multitasking StaffSmt. Kiran

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